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Bringing music as a healing force to the still recovering communities from the 2011 Eartquake/Tsunami in Northern Japan



Otonowa July 2014 Tour to Tohoku Japan Film/Video



Ken Okada, Akira Tana Temporary Shopping Mall in  Ishinomaki March 2013

Otonowa March 2013 Tour to Tohoku, Japan photos


Otonowa Tour March 2013 to Tohoku, Japan video



November 1, 2014 With Junko Yagami after two successful fundraising concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area for the communities of Tohoku.


Masaru Koga with Otsuchi students in March 2013

Click on image to view interview!

Interview w. Rabert Handa of NBC Bay Area's Asian Pacfic America

From the Otonowa CD Recorded January 2013
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